Once all the declared aims and objectives were successfully achieved, the first phase of Sabha's service gradually went to a state of hibernation. This was around mid 1950s. Even then, there were partial remnants of the sabha functional in many parts of Kerala. These regional organisations seperate in identity, were under different banners viz; Namboothiry samajams, federations, welfare societies,etc. Some carried the name Yogakshemasabha itself, though there was no state-wide organisation and leadership.

The absence of a unified platform, proved fatal to the community, when it failed in protesting against the land reforms act of 1957, implemented in 1970. Against all spirit of constitution and democracy, this act arbitrarily restricted the pocession of land by individuals/institutions beyond a certain area limit. As a result of subsequent socio-economic fallout, the community once again felt the need for an organisation to address issues and safe-guard interests, in a democratic society.